Sunday, October 2, 2011

job! money saving!

sarah and i just found out that we got accepted to work on a farm/retreat center in bali for the month of november!  there is the link to the place, it pretty much seems too good to be true!  we will be the only two volunteers on the property, working with all balinese people and the owner who is german.  apparently this position is in very high demand so we are super lucky to have gotten it.  we will be fed three meals a day (mostly vegetarian and organic from the center's garden!) and we are also provided with housing.  we will be living in these things called lumbungs (pictures on website) which are loft-esque places surrounded by mosquito netting and with open air bathrooms!  i cant begin to explain how excited i am for this.  we will be working 30 hrs a week, weekends off, and will be about 15 minutes (driving) away from the city of Ubud which is the cultural center of bali (super awesome).  anywho thats the latest. we leave on tuesday woohooo

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