Thursday, October 6, 2011

bali at last

we have finally made it to Bali, safe and sound. our layover in qatar was semi painful, but the flight from there to singapore was easy as pie. we discovered that the airport in singapore is easily one of the most awesome that either of us had been to. there were these stations that looked like apartment mailboxes but all had chargers to different kinds of products inside, so I put my iPhone in, locked it, took the key and then retrieved it right before boarding our last flight . more places should have those probably. they also had approximate amount of time that it would take you to walk somewhere posted on the respective signs. then a bit after seven we touched down in Denpasar, Bali, proceeded to get our visas in under five minutes, then wait 25 for our luggage to come through. and we were literally the last two bags seeing as we have been traveling since Tuesday so they were probably shoved way in the bottom of everyones things. our very nice Island Hotel pick up guy was happily waiting for us just outside the customs area and we also drove a woman who works at the hotel back from her vacation with family in Jakarta. we were whisked away though the busy streets of Bali. it smells and feels humid. everything is open air and noisy and there are people all over. restaurants and spas all over, each one claims it's the best. Sarah and I are exhausted from the endless traveling so it's off to bed after a fresh cold glass of oj (our welcome drink). our cute little room overlooks the courtyard and gorgeous pool. hopefully I'll sort out how to post a picture on here so I can give some illustration for the words. goodnight (good morning to you all) xx h


  1. Hannah,
    So glad you made it safely! Thanks for keeping us in the loop..we love you!
    Xo ging

  2. I am on love with your blog! Finally got a moment to read, have so much fun. Xoxo love you